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Creating the mould mixture

Available Services

Babies, Children & Families

I offer a range of services that include the casting of newborns, infants, children and adults. These sessions can be for individuals or group scenarios.​

Animals & Pets 

Animals can be just as much part of your family like any other relative. Whether you simply love your pet or you realise your time with them is limited here at Moonbow Castings we can capture that moment.

Weddings & Anniversary's

What could be a better gift than celebrating your wedding day with a live casting of your newly joined hands! I offer to come to weddings and capture this exact moment for you. I also offer anniversary gifts time stamping many years of Love. 

Body Casting 

You may want part of your body captured. This could be your beautiful bump or perhaps even your stomach without the bump! At Moonbow Castings we can create casts of pretty much any body part you desire.

Memorial & End of Life

I offer my services in Memorial and End of Life circumstances. This delicate service is a big part of my heart and I hope this provides warmth and assistance for families who need it. 

Adults & Erotica

Accessories can play a big part in a creative casting. If you want to show off some body jewellery or even take it one step further and create an intimate gift for your loved one, I am here to help

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