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All castings include ONE ring per adult hand. Additional rings will cost an extra £25 per ring. Rings can sometimes cause defects when removed from the mould, please be cautious that if you are someone who wears lots of rings the wait time could be significantly increased before your cast is ready for collection. 

All castings will be performed in my home. Mobile visits can be arranged within 20 minutes of my home address however, a flat fee of £40 will be charged. All appointments are 1.5 hour slots, if the appointment goes over this time an extra £40 per hour will be charged. I must have a water supply to work with.

Baby Frames  (includes frame & engraved plaque)

Finger hold - 1 Adults hand holding baby's hand  (includes marble base)

Baby & Us (includes marble base)

Framed example of Baby casting x2 hands x2feet and image of baby
Framed image of Baby casting x2 hands x2 feet

Additional £30 for photo

Couples casting with engravingCouples casting with engraving Couples casting with engraving on a marble stand

Couples/ Family clasp (Does not include marble base)

Additional £40 for engraving

Family frames (Does not include Frame price)


Dog Paw casting with image in frame

Additional £30 for photo

Body/ Baby Bump (These appointments will require you to stand/sit for a considerable amount of time approx 35m)

Memorial Castings

Here at Moonbow Castings we offer a memorial service. This service allows us to take a casting of the person who has passed, this can be alongside a loved one or on its own. This process can be done in one or two sessions. If the casting is being taken in one session this will require the loved one to be present with the person who has passed. The process for two sessions would not require this as a casting of the person who has passed can be taken beforehand and part two would require the loved one to hold the casting thats been created instead. 

Memorial casting x2 hands on marble base with engraving


Babies & Children

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